The Wall: Hope in Shadows

Since World Cup fever has hit hard, I thought it would be fitting to write about it. Today’s amazing thing is a little mix of soccer + politics.

So a wall built by Israelis has divided the Palestinian territories from the rest of Israel for several years now, and its supposed intention has been to divide and separate the two groups. There are checkpoints manned by Israelis, and the stated goal of the wall is to increase the security of the region. I’m not going to get into politics of the wall too much today because a) I will get all riled up and b) this is not a trite issue that can be explained in a few sentences. I will leave the politics of the wall for another day, other than to state that it has been condemned by the United Nations, and has been compared to the Berlin Wall by others.

This blog is supposed to be about hopeful things, and finding light in darkness (and all of that cheesy stuff) which is why I was so excited to find out that a restaurant owner in Bethlehem is using the Wall on which to project World Cup soccer games to international crowds, in the hopes of bringing the city together.. What a beautiful thing!

Check out what the Bahamas SeaFood Restaurant is doing… The owner states that “the wall is a very negative thing, so if we can do something positive with it, we will. My goal is to bring everybody together. It’s good for business, and it’s good for Bethlehem.”



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