Opening Musings

Let’s face it, read a newspaper for ten minutes and it’s clear that the world is an sad state of affairs… Wait, let me rephrase that because barely anyone I know still reads the newspaper anymore which is indicative in itself.

Sometimes I feel like the world is going to end really soon. There’s practically no mountain gorillas left (and i just really like them), the Gulf of Mexico looks like the Black Sea, and people continue to believe that Sarah Palin is intelligent after everything we’ve been through. So, I figure we have two options, we can sink our heads in the sand and believe in ridiculous theories like 2012 (are you kidding me?), or we can look for amazing things that are happening all around us. If we choose the latter, then hopefully a sense of optimism about the state of our planet will emerge.

This blog will be an attempt to highlight events, people, and things that are hopeful, sustainable, and downright intelligent. Or maybe I will present silly things that are just funny. Like this picture below – “he has seen it” – I don’t even like cats and I think this is hilarious.

I won’t promise to provide a solution to climate change, nor am I the wittiest writer on the world wide webs. I will simply point you in the direction of something that might make your day (or just make you smile). In the best case scenario, I might help convince you that the next generation of children is not necessarily destined to end up in a scene from Cormac McCarthy’s The Road.

About Ms Sawatsky

teacher, photographer, traveller and lover of ice cream
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