Numero Uno: It’s Awesome

I must give credit where credit is due – my first post about amazing things is thanks to Neil Pasricha – a guy that has taken the time to notice the little things that make us smile. He’s developed quite the list – 1000 Awesome Things, and his is my website of choice for today.

How do you define ‘awesome’, you might ask? How about finding money you didn’t know you lost, broccoflower, or my personal favorite – old, dangerous playground equipment? How could I ever forget what is was like to slide down the fire pole at recess until my hands began to bleed? Or jumping off the teeter-totter at the bottom so that your friend slams into the ground and risks potential injury? I remember that being really funny. Today’s playgrounds have nothing on the good old days – safety standards have ruined everything.

So Neil started his blog called 1000 Awesome Things as a way of dealing with some stress, and now he has a bestseller called The Book of Awesome and is pretty famous. He’s quite inspiring really, and the best part is that he appears to be a really nice guy (or he’s tricked me with his writing skills). Either way, check out his website, and re-discover something wonderful that you’ve forgotten about.

About Ms Sawatsky

teacher, photographer, traveller and lover of ice cream
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