Hans Rosling: Homme Extraordinaire

My first post was about something that makes me smile and feel nostalgic: Awesome Things. Today’s post is dedicated to Hans Rosling – a man I consider to be a pure genius – and his wonderful ideas.

Reasons why I consider Hans Rosling to be one of the smartest people that I know of (unfortunately we’re not friends yet..).

1. He invented the nonprofit Gapminder – visualization software that will “unveil the beauty of statistics for a fact based world”. This website has now been bought by Google, but possesses amazing graphs that explore socials and economic development issues. Alot of the graphs, programs, games and videos are aimed to dispel myths about poverty and the so-called developing world, and he speaks about current topics including HIV/AIDS, poverty, and population growth.

2. He has been a part of numerous TED talks – at the conferences which focus on big, bright ideas of the future.

3. He used lego in one of the most articulate (and optimistic!) explanations of population growth – Check out the vid. I also love lego.

4. He is also an accomplished sword-swallower. Are you kidding me? This needs no explanation.

The world needs more people like Hans Rosling. Hans, if you are reading this, can we please meet for coffee?

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teacher, photographer, traveller and lover of ice cream
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